Episode 36 – Timothy Denevi & Judith Warner at Hill Center


Episode 36 of the podcast brings you an event featuring authors Timothy Denevi & Judith Warner, who read from their work and discuss ongoing research, trends, and attitudes related to the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Novelist and PEN/Faulkner board member Mary Kay Zuravleff moderates.

In Hyper, his thought-provoking examination of ADHD, Timothy Denevi explains the history of the ADHD diagnosis as he reveals his own difficult childhood struggle with the disorder and the subsequent ramifications of his early prescription of Ritalin. Part medical history and part memoir, Hyper is a deeply felt personal story that aims to clarify misconceptions, posit better paths to treatment, and engender empathy for children and families struggling with a difficult behavioral phenomenon.

Judith Warner’s We’ve Got Issues: Children and Parents in the Age of Medication approaches the diagnosis and treatment of childhood disorders from a journalist’s and parent’s perspective. A skillful and timely snapshot of current medical thinking, We’ve Got Issues shows how complex and painful a journey it can be for parents attempting to make the correct healthcare decisions on behalf of their children.


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Thank you to Benedict Kupstas and Field Guides for donating the music used in this episode. Listen here to Field Guides’ album Boo, Forever.

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