The Table Is Set for PEN/Faulkner’s Summer Supper & Book Club!

Instructional packets for the 2013 PEN/Faulkner Summer Supper & Book Club, an initiative of our Writers in Schools program. 

Tonight marks the first meeting of PEN/Faulkner’s 2013 Summer Supper & Book Club. We’ve got 15 students from DC High Schools coming down to Hill Center to get things started. Tonight through August 6th, these students will meet with authors during meetings of the club, will dine together, and discuss the books they’ve read for that week’s program. Participating authors include: Susan Richards Shreve, Derrick Weston Brown, Danielle Evans, Felicia Pride, David Taylor, and David Ebenbach

Each week, students are given a free copy of an author’s book, and the following week, students will dine together, discuss the book, and meet the author so that they can engage in a conversation about the book in question, the writing life, and, really, anything that they’d like to ask. As part of our broader Writers in Schools program, the Summer Supper & Book Club proudly serves students enrolled in public and public charter high schools. As the summer progresses, you’ll be able to follow their exploits right here on the Writers in Schools blog. 



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