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Terry McMillan at McKinley Technology High School, April 2013

In addition to giving a wonderful reading at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue last spring, author Terry McMillan met with students who had read and studied her work at McKinley Tech HIgh School here in DC. McMillan’s was just one of the over 140 Writers in Schools visits PEN/Faulkner organized during the 2012-2013 school year.

DC and Baltimore Public and Public Charter Schools are roughly midway through the fall semester, and the staff of the PEN/Faulkner Foundation has been busy bringing authors to and from classrooms where students have read and prepared questions for authors local to the area and to authors who’ve come to town for PEN/Faulkner’s Reading Series.

It’s long been PEN/Faulkner’s mission to bring readers and writers together, and since 1989 one of the clearest and best expressions of this mission has been to donate books to students and to work with instructors to schedule a visit with the authors of those works. During the 2012-2013 school year, we ran 140 school visits in the District of Columbia alone, and this year, we’re aiming even higher. We also dipped our toes into the world of Baltimore’s writers and schools by running a pilot program of 17 visits last year.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, from now until the end of the term, we’ll continue bringing you dispatches from our partner schools, authors, and instructors. From Q&As with participating authors to write ups of the latests WinS visits, you’ll find plenty of information about Writers in Schools and about PEN/Faulkner’s expanding reach in the District and in Baltimore on the WinS Blog.

If you’re an instructor in a DC or Baltimore Public or Public Charter High School and are interested in learning more about how you and your school can participate in the Writers in Schools program, check out this handy guide to setting up a visit!

Happy midterms, and we’ll see you on the WinS Blog!


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