Our Virtual Pivot

The impact of COVID-19 on student learning and well-being cannot be overstated. In response to the challenges facing our school system, we are:

  • Increasing the time we spend (virtually) in classrooms
  • Donating books directly to students, particularly those who are unable to attend our virtual sessions.

We believe in the power of connecting through storytelling.

In a virtual classroom visit earlier this school year, one student thanked author Jason Reynolds “for acknowledging my presence as a Black girl and reminding me that I’m stronger than I think.”

Diverse stories and role models are especially valuable.

In another session, one student told visiting author Winifred Conkling that “after reading this book I felt empathy. You left me more open to more world issues and that the world is very unfair.”

You can help us continue to empower students through literature by donating $15 to our #GivingTuesday campaign, or by spreading the word. Share one book that has made a difference in your life. With your support, we will make an impact for a whole generation.