PEN/Faulkner’s first Literary Conversation will focus on the role of graphic novels and comics in today’s world of visual media. Tickets on sale now!

What happens when the visual arts meet the literary arts? For years, comic books and cartoons have dominated the realm of visual storytelling in print. Now, with the rise of the graphic novel, the potent, vivid immediacy of illustrations is being united with long form prose to redefine 21st century literature. With their incredible diversity of style, graphic novels are telling stories across genres, including memoir, historical fiction, and young adult fiction. Join the PEN/Faulkner Foundation for an evening of conversation with some of the biggest names in graphic novels, as they talk about artistic collaborations and the evolution of storytelling in a new era.


Ebony Flowers
Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez
Gene Luen Yang
Scott McCloud (Moderator)

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