Founding Friends

Run by board members Willee Lewis and Katherine Field Stephen, Founding Friends is a series of exclusive lunch-time gatherings that feature prominent writers. In the past, we have hosted writers as wide-ranging as Kate Lehrer, Jean Case, Thomas L. Friedman, Dorothy Butler Gilliam, Edna O’Brien, Jane Stanton Hitchcock, Thomas Mallon, Molly McCloskey, Kermit Roosevelt III, Jane Mayer, and Eric Weiner.

Donors who contribute $400 or more are invited to attend our Founding Friends events. Membership renewals are annual.

Our current virtual edition consists of intimate discussions with writers over Zoom.


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Past Events

Recent Zoom discussions have featured such prominent writers as Jack Bray, Keith Clark, Marie Arana, Lauren Francis-Sharma, Deborah Tannen, Jackson Bryer, and Cathy Barks.

As a Founding Friends member, your donation will support PEN/Faulkner’s education programs, which serve more than 4,000 students across DC; the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, one of the foremost awards for American Literature; and our Literary Conversations series, which brings together highly-acclaimed writers to engage in meaningful literary and social discourse.

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